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Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP)

About the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) The creation of the Collective Philanthropy Project (CPP) originated during the second UNAVSA Conference in 2005, in conjunction with the Vietnamese Interacting As One (VIA-1) Conference. The concept of an annual philanthropy campaign came when youth leaders and professionals were in search of a vehicle to further drive UNAVSA’s mission of developing leaders and regions, networking and a unifying voice outside the conference. The CPP is an initiative for Vietnamese student and community organizations to collaborate and partner with in working toward a charitable cause. The idea was to create momentum for a collective national effort under one philanthropic campaign. The CPP campaign assists North American Vietnamese non-profit organizations or philanthropy organizations to better achieve their mission through collective and collaborative partnership with UNAVSA and its constituent groups.

This Year’s Collective Philanthropy Project

Catalyst Foundation was founded in 1999 by Caroline Nguyen Ticarro, they focus on improving the lives of orphaned, abandoned, and homeless children in Vietnam.

They sponsor an annual Vietnamese culture camp and cultural tour to promote Vietnamese culture to families that have adopted children from Vietnam.

Catalyst Missions:

  • Provide hope to the communities and children affected by human trafficking
  • Provide a holistic approach to these communities
  • Provide children of Vietnam with education, job training, housing, food, emotional support etc.

Project Backpack
Goal – To provide the basic necessities of education, food and safety.

Project Tool Box – for our vocational training students. This project supports the young adults learning a trade and provides additional funds for wage compensation, training supplies, certified instructors, and certification costs upon completion.

Project Lunch Box – or our high school students. This project is designed to support our teen’s secondary educational needs, supplementary learning supplies, additional food, pre-vocational classes, and life skills instruction.

Project Milkbox  for our primary school students. This is our original “project backpack”, which includes education, uniforms, books, family food allowance, and a nutritional meal at the school everyday.

Who Are We Helping?
The Catalyst Foundation is helping the Raglai people from the Ninh Thuan community. They are the smallest ethnic minority group in Vietnam.  They cannot speak Vietnamese and arethe 4th poorest province in Vietnam. With a daily income less than $0.88 a day, they also lack daily water access for drinking, bathing, cooking, and farming.

Catalsyst Foundation with website


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