Amy Ni Alumni Programming

Amy Ni

Hello everyone! My name is Amy Ni and I will be the Alumni Programming Co-director along with Dan Hodac this year. I am a recent alum from the University of Iowa graduating with a dual major in Spanish and International studies. I did not get involved heavily into VSA and UVSA-Midwest until approximately halfway through my time at college, but since then, I have held multiple leadership positions. I have served on the executive board for Iowa VSA and was the Registration director for the 15th Annual VIA-1 Conference. Through Iowa VSA and UVSA-Midwest, I have received many opportunities to grow as a leader and as an individual. These positions have urged me to continue to be involved with the community and continue to push me to pursue the unknown. I hope that this upcoming conference will encourage more attendees to become more involved in the community as well as taking a chance to develop as a leader. I am looking forward to working with this team!

Committee Members:
Alex Nguyen (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Nhu-Y Nguyen (University of Notre Dame)
Sean Vo (The Ohio State University)
Tyson Banh (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

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