Andrea Pham Workshop Presenter

Andrea Pham

Andrea Pham is a neurology nurse in Columbus, Ohio with previous experience as a patient support assistant and developmental disabilities assistant. Andrea has been involved with VSA and VIA-1 for 6 years as a scholarship donor, ACE director, and staff member. She believes in creating a socially just society through having difficult conversations with the problematic people in your life. Her personal interests include music, baking, and Skyline Chili.

Healthy Relationships

Any patriarchal or abusive household can lead to learned misogyny, mental health issues, and acceptance of abuse in other relationships. In traditional Vietnamese culture especially, the overt messages and some undertones of misogyny contribute to a society of gender inequality and the formation of unhealthy relationships.

The intention of this workshop is to discuss the importance of gender equality in healthy relationships, domestic violence, and emergency preparedness. The primary focus will be on building healthy relationships during the “intimacy versus isolation” stage of development.

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