CHÂU VIỄN XỨ Banquet Performer


My name is V. Chau. I am a 5th year International Affairs student here at UC. I have a passion for social issues, the immigrant debate and refugee crisis in our world today hits particularly close to home. That said, I am also a former Southeast Asian refugee, my parents were known as “boat people.” As a former refugee, I have something far greater to offer than simply academic research but a series of lived experiences to draw from. I am grateful to this education I’ve received as it has gifted me the proper words for this story and now a platform to share that story. The story I will be sharing today, in the form of a monologue, is entitled: the Sojourners. I believe there is something universal to that human will to live and that desire for self-determination: to not be a victim of history, but to be a master of it. This is that story.

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