Christina Nguyen Collective Philanthropy Project

Christina Nguyen

Hi friends, I’m Christina Nguyen and am super stoked to be one of your CPP Directors for the 16th Annual VIA-1 Conference! I’m in my second year of Pharmacy School at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Throughout my college career, I’ve served as Secretary, Internal Vice President, and President for VSA UW. I’ve also been on Sponsorship, Marketing, and Family Programming staff committees for VIA-1. Besides health care and VSA, the rest of my time goes to passionately interning at a Madison-based environmental justice law firm. As your Co-CPP Directors, Tan and I are excited to work with you all throughout the year, promoting and fundraising for our philanthropy!

Committee Members:
Alex Ngo (Indiana University)
Anh Le (University of Minnesota)

Sophie Pham (University of Minnesota)
Tracy Le (University of Minnesota)
Vi Vo (University of Illinois – Chicago)

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