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Dan Hodac

My name is Dan Hodac. I recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a major in Management Information Systems and am currently residing in Minnesota as well. I’ve been a part of both VSA-MN and UVSA Midwest going on 5 years now! To me, Via-1 means a lot of things: family, a sanctuary, and what I’m most thankful for is individualism for Vietnamese-Americans. It’s a rallying point for attendees to share and appreciate what it means to be Vietnamese-American. When we are divided, it can be difficult for our voices to be heard, but when we come together in solidarity, we become a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. I am forever grateful because the strength I gleaned from VIA-1 has helped me find myself and define and strengthen my then wavering self-identity.

Committee Members:

  • Daniel Banh
  • Ivy Bui
  • Terry Le


Name/Year/ Position. Is this your first-time being a VIA-1 director and/or attending the conference?

Dan Hodac, Graduate, Logistics Director. This is my first time as a VIA-1 director but my third time on staff. As for conferences this will be my 5th VIA-1 conference.

Why did you choose to take part in the planning process? Why this committee versus the other committees?

The UVSA-Midwest community has contributed much to my growth and development over the last 5 years and this is a great opportunity to give back! I want to help build up others the way all of my UVSA Anh & Chi have helped build me up during my college careers.

I studied a lot about project management during my college days, so my skills were most suited for Logistics committee.

Who inspires you the most?

Definitely my parents! As first generation Vietnamese-Americans their sacrifices inspire me, and their efforts & struggles empower me.

Most memorable experience or favorite memory of VIA-1 so far?

My favorite memory of VIA-1 would be when I performed at the 14th VIA-1 conference. I’ve performed before but being able to share my hard work with a room full of my friends from all over the Midwest and seeing them cheer for me was a really special and warm moment. Otherwise, a memorable experience was when Dee Dang danced his choreography to “Wet the Bed” on stage

Director Question: Which committee director would you marry, impeach, and collaborate with and why?

I would marry Nini because of possible perilous repercussions otherwise.

I would impeach Amy because one time she didn’t laugh at my joke about vegans and changing light bulbs.

I would collaborate with Sean Vo because his face was r clearly carved out by angels so it gives us all something nice to look at, and I hear that you can touch his biceps for good luck.


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