Elizabeth Dang Workshop Presenter

Elizabeth Dang

Elizabeth Dang is a second-year undergraduate student at The Ohio State University studying Pharmaceutical Sciences with a minor in Substance Misuse and Addiction. She is involved on campus with the Asian Pacific Islander Cohort, the Vietnamese Student Association, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Planning Committee, and the MAASU Spring Conference Planning Committee. As a child of refugees turned nail salon owners, and also a licensed manicurist herself, she takes pride in her Vietnamese culture and finds it vital to share their stories.

“YOU WANT FLOWER?”: Building Intersectionality Between the Black and Vietnamese Community within Nail Salons

Hostility between the Black and Vietnamese communities has always been prevalent, stemmed from global anti-Blackness and racial issues between the two. Both communities rely on each other for services and business, yet why does such tension exist? “Nail salon fight” videos frequently go viral on social media, typically showing a Black female and Vietnamese employee engaging in verbal arguments or physical altercations. Confronting and dismantling the prejudices and anti-Blackness that exists within the Vietnamese community is important and necessary to identity with Black struggles. Learning about the struggles and hardships the Vietnamese community faces to reach a mutual ground of understanding is impactful for intersectionality against anti-Asian ideas. Opening the discussion to recognize where both communities intersect in racial inequality is vital to combat the tension and to create more solidarity for all.
*This session focuses on the Black and Vietnamese communities because of the harsher tension that exists between the two compared to Latinx and White communities.

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