Elizabeth Nguyen Executive Director

Elizabeth Nguyen

Hello, UVSA-Midwest! My name is Elizabeth Nguyen (but you can call me Liz!), and I will be your Co-Executive Director along with Randy Huynh for the 16th Vietnamese Interacting As One Conference, hosted at the University of Cincinnati!

I recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati in Spring 2017, earning my Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance and a minor in Psychology. At UC, I was heavily involved with UC VSA as a co-founder and two-term president. My work with VSA has fostered immense personal growth by deeply cultivating my leadership skills, executive abilities, and passion for cultural cognizance. My freshman year of college, UC VSA was non-existent. To see that, five years later, we are the next host for VIA-1 is surreal. Being the next host school is truly a culmination of the hard work and efforts of all UC VSA members and executive board chairpersons since we reestablished in 2013. I look forward to working to provide the best conference experience for all attendees and truly showcasing all the talent from UC VSA and within the UVSA-Midwest community. I am ecstatic for all of you to join me at the next VIA-1 and see why we are the #HottestCollegeInAmerica!

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