Isabelle Ngo Sponsorship

Isabelle Ngo

Hi VSBaes! I’m Isabelle and I’m thrilled to be your Sponsorship Director for the 16th Annual VIA-1 Conference! I was raised on the West Coast, and I am currently a senior at University of Wisconsin-Madison studying Communications, International Policy, and Political Science. Since my freshman year, I’ve been involved with VSA UW and UVSA-Midwest and served on VSA UW Executive Board and on VIA-1 Staff twice! I am so excited to concentrate my efforts into VIA-1 as a director this year and I am even more excited to see you all in Cincinnati! It’s gonna be real. It’s gonna be good. It’s gonna be real good.

Committee Members:
Alison Nguyen (University of Minnesota)
Cindy Dao (University of Cincinnati)

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