Jonny Jenq Workshop Presenter

Jonny Jenq

Jonathan (Jonny) Jenq is the Chief Actuary and a Vice President at Beam Technologies, an IOT/Insurtech startup based in Columbus, OH. Currently he oversees risk management, model development, and all forms of data analysis.

Despite being a perennial misfit with an abysmal academic resume, Jonny landed his first job by feigning to be a UC Berkeley student and performing well at the university’s actuarial case competition. From this event, Jonny was recruited by the Chief Actuary of Delta Dental Insurance Company who was one of the judges of the competition. At Delta, Jonny was tasked with the underwriting of billion-dollar contracts and oversaw the creation and maintenance of Delta’s HMO underwriting model. After 3.5 years at Delta, Jonny was recruited by the CEO of Beam Technologies to help build it into the ancillary benefits company it is today.

Jonny has a passion for forming new ideas/theories/strategies and validating them by testing his hypotheses in real scenarios. His hobbies include playing casino card games (poker/blackjack), browsing Quora, and catching the occasional Broadway show. In an effort to give back, Jonny acts as a judge and writes a portion of the questions of the very same UC Berkeley case competition where he got his start.

Optimizing Risk: The Truth About Success & the Delusion of Misfortune

There are lots of varying opinions on how we should handle risk in our lives. Some live by a playing-it-safe mantra. Others like to tout the rewards of big risk taking. There are tidbits of wisdom in both lifestyles, but the implication of one seems to contradict the other. The reasoning is that both sentiments are components of a much broader theory. Risk is not something bad that needs to be minimized but is rather akin to something useful and powerful. Like energy, risk can shock you, set you ablaze, or even blow you up. But also like energy, harnessing risk in an intelligent way will give you an edge over those who fear it. This workshop is intended to transform your perspective of risk by showing the definitive relationship between risk and different levels of outcomes.

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