Kevin Nguyen Collective Philanthropy Project

Kevin Nguyen

My name is Kevin Nguyen and I’m originally from Beloit, Wisconsin. This upcoming year I will be a senior majoring in Nutritional Sciences with a certificate in Global Health at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Throughout my college career I have held and currently hold leadership positions such as Bigs and Littles Committee Chair, Co-Director and Entertainment Director of VSA UW’s Annual Tet Show, Philanthropy Chair,  Historian, 14th Annual VIA-1 CPP Staff, and Organization Development Consultant Committee. VSA has given me so much and pushed me to grow personally and professionally over these last few years that I want to continually give back to the community that raised me. To me, VSA is a positive experience that will impact you for years and years to come.

Committee Members:

  • James Vuong
  • Jessica Do
  • Vince Nguyen
  • Donna Nguyen


Name/Year/ Position. Is this your first-time being a VIA-1 director and/or attending the conference?

Kevin Nguyen, Senior, Co-Collective Philanthropy Project Director. This is my first time being a director for VIA-1!

Why did you choose to take part in the planning process? Why this committee versus the other committees?

I was on staff last year for CPP committee and I felt like I still had something left to give to this conference. Also, Andy Pham reached out to me to pick up this committee and I saw it as a way to not only develop myself professionally but also a way to improve the planning process with innovative ideas.

CPP is home. Non-profit and charity work drives me and gives me purpose throughout this whole planning process. The fact that this is a nationwide initiative and being able to collaborate with VSA’s all over is so exciting. Collaboration for a great cause, specifically for helping those in Vietnam who are less fortunate than us, makes VSA feel a lot smaller and meaningful.

Who inspires you the most?

New and aspiring leaders really motivate me. I love seeing people grow and take on new leadership opportunities because it makes me want to work harder to pave the road for them and lead by example.

Most memorable experience or favorite memory of VIA-1 so far?

Performing in the VSA UW dance for culture show last year was the best and most memorable time I’ve had at VIA-1.

Director Question: Which committee director would you marry, impeach, and collaborate with and why?

I’d marry Maverick cause  he knows Black Magic, impeach Andy cause he always calls me fat, and collaborate with Liz cause she’s very very very nice.


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