Kim Chung Programming

Kim Chung

“I’m like, “Hey, what’s up? Hello.” My name is Kim Chung and I will be entering my  fourth year at the University of Wisconsin – Madison currently pursuing a major in Neurobiology with a certificate in Asian-American Studies. I am proud to be the 15th Annual VIA-1 Programming Director!

For me, VIA-1 has been a part of my undergraduate career because I have served on staff every year starting my freshman year. I’ve grown an attachment, yet what continues to drive me the most is the ability for our conference and our staff to inspire the future generations of leaders…  I want to be a part of that movement and hope to convince you to embark on the journey with me as well!

Committee Members:

  • Brandon Luu
  • Pongsathorn Muangchan
  • Anh Le
  • Nicholas French
  • Vivien Bui


Name/Year/ Position. Is this your first-time being a VIA-1 director and/or attending the conference?

Kim Chung, 4th Year, Programming Director. This is my 4th VIA-1 conference – I have previously served as Co-Executive Director, IT Director, and IT staff for VIA-1.

Why did you choose to take part in the planning process? Why this committee versus the other committees?

I chose Programming because I hope to bring knowledge to our attendees and inspire a new generation of great leaders.

I chose Programming because out of all the committees, this was one of the committees that I was least familiar with but felt like would impact attendees the most in terms of developmental skills and knowledge from the conference.

Who inspires you the most?

My mom inspires me the most because she is knowledgeable and a visionary who works hard to achieve everything she sets her mind to.

Most memorable experience or favorite memory of VIA-1 so far?

My favorite memory of VIA-1 was when I was adopted by Erin Bovid into her Jellyfish family at my first conference because staff were not placed into families.

Director Question: Which committee director would you marry, impeach, and collaborate with and why?

Marry:  Randy Huynh – When you can love someone more than food, you know it’s real.

Impeach:  Me – I  believe that I have had my contribution to VIA-1 conferences and hope that my vacancy would allow for new leaders to step up into these positions.

Collaborate:  Andy – Last year, we collaborated as EDs for VIA-1. Andy taught me more about how I could be a better leader and balanced out my flaws. My Anh Trai is someone I am always willing to collaborate with.


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