Lillian Trinh Workshop Presenter

Lillian Trinh

Lillian Trinh is the current UVSA South Secretary, and resides in Austin TX. She has been involved in UVSA South for three years, with positions ranging from committee and cabinet positions, to Executive Director of the Oklahoma Unity Mixer. She currently works in corporate America, as a briefing coordinator for Polycom, Inc. Lillian is also involved with UNAVSA as a member of the Collective Philanthropy Project Campaign Team. Additionally, she aspires to be a lawyer and provide aid to immigrants seeking legal status.

How to be a Confident Woman in a Scrutinizing World

When attempting to explain the disparity between men and women in the workforce, there is one simple reason that holds us back. Some women are trained from an early age to strive for perfection, rather than to be courageous. It limits us in our workplace, it can limit us in VSA, and it limits us in our personal lives. This workshop will explore this fear of failure, and highlight key areas where we can improve. This workshop is not only for women, and invites attendees of all genders to listen and explore the subtle ways in which we train ourselves to strive for unattainable standards.

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