Marie Nguyen Workshop Presenter

Marie Nguyen

Marie Nguyen is the Senior Development Associate at the OCA National Center. In her capacity, she works to support the development of the organization through coordinating fundraising and special events. Marie also works very closely with OCA’s Business Advisory Council. In her capacity, she hopes to grow OCA as a national organization and continue to uplift and bring visibility to the APA community. Rooted in Southern California, Marie is the youngest of nine siblings in her big and boisterous family. Her experience of growing up in a Vietnamese immigrant family has inspired her to build and gain more understanding of advocacy to help future APA generations. She is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego where she pursued a degree in Political Science – Public Law.

Power and Privilege

Everyone has a different set of life experiences and circumstances that provides them advantages in some areas and weaknesses in other. This workshop works with attendees in identifying the ways that privilege expresses itself and will provide them strategies on how to use their own privilege to effect change.

How Do You Lead?

People embody a multitude of leadership styles. This workshop will have participants take a leadership survey to discover their dominant leadership traits. Participants will then engage in an activity challenging them to form the most cohesive team.

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