Moony Vuong Finance

Moony Vuong

My name is Moony Vuong, and I will be the Finance Director. I’m from the University of Minnesota. I just recently graduated as a double major in Business and Marketing Education and Chinese with a minor in Leadership. VIA-1 means a lot to me. To start off, my first VIA-1 was in 2013 in Iowa, and my very first experience was an eye-opening one. VSAM rolling in deep made me feel like I was in a big part of the community, but at the arrival of VIA-1, I felt that I was in an even bigger part of a community- A community I never imagined to even exist, and from then, I made friends. These friends are not just any friends, but friends that are just like family. VIA-1 is home, memories, family, friends, leaders, network, lovers, best friends, roommates, and so forth. VIA-1 isn’t just words, but rather, part of who I am today. Besides that, a fun fact about me is my nickname is Ca$h Moony!

Committee Members:
Chuck Nguyen (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee)
John Phan (The Ohio State University)
Kevin Vu (University of Minnesota)

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