Moony Vuong Finance

Moony Vuong

My name is Moony Vuong, and I will be the Finance Director. I’m from the University of Minnesota. I just recently graduated as a double major in Business and Marketing Education and Chinese with a minor in Leadership. VIA-1 means a lot to me. To start off, my first VIA-1 was in 2013 in Iowa, and my very first experience was an eye-opening one. VSAM rolling in deep made me feel like I was in a big part of the community, but at the arrival of VIA-1, I felt that I was in an even bigger part of a community- A community I never imagined to even exist, and from then, I made friends. These friends are not just any friends, but friends that are just like family. VIA-1 is home, memories, family, friends, leaders, network, lovers, best friends, roommates, and so forth. VIA-1 isn’t just words, but rather, part of who I am today. Besides that, a fun fact about me is my nickname is Ca$h Moony!

Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • Chuck Nguyen


Name/Year/ Position. Is this your first-time being a VIA-1 director and/or attending the conference?

I am Moony Hong Vuong, aka Cash Moony, Young Money, and Money Moony. I recently graduated from University of Minnesota this past year, and I am your Finance Director who you can count on. This is my 2nd year of being a director.

Why did you choose to take part in the planning process? Why this committee versus the other committees?

I chose to be in this process because I want to take part in influencing leaders, not only that build my relationships within this organization.

Our committee is the best because we make sure the conference is financially stable and that registration cost stays low, and we love money.

Who inspires you the most?

Well, Benjamin Franklin. You should know he’s on the hundreds.

Most memorable experience or favorite memory of VIA-1 so far?

My favorite moment is spending time with my committee and money, and one of those moments was on the stair case with my committee members taking pictures with our stacks.

Director Question: Which committee director would you marry, impeach, and collaborate with and why?

I would marry Jill, collaborate with Kim, and impeach Randy. No reason just because…


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