Ronnie Iquina Keynote Speaker

Ronnie Iquina

Ronnie Iquina is a 1st Generation Filipino-American. He is a CCM graduate from the University of Cincinnati with a BFA in Electronic Media. He also served 12 years in the US Army with multiple deployments, separating at the rank of Captain. Ronnie was born in Germany and has lived in Japan, NYC, Cleveland, San Francisco, and now considers Cincinnati his home.

During his years at UC, Ronnie founded the Discover Philippines Student Association (DPSA) which executed the largest Ohio Filipino event “Discover Philippines” for 10 years drawing in thousands of people annually. He regularly attended major conferences throughout the Midwest such as FACT at UIUC, MAFA, FIND, MAASU, & NFAYA. These experiences inspired his college friend Bao Nguyen to launch VIA-1.

Ronnie continues to work closely with the great people he meets in life to strengthen the Asian American identity, awareness, & representation. He is a co-founder of the Cincinnati chapter of the National Association of Asian-
American Professionals (NAAAP) and assists with other major initiatives for this mission.

He currently works as a Senior Integrated Marketing Executive with Urban One -101.1 The WIZ, Soul 101.5 & 100.3 R&B – and is a 3x Presidents Club Winner.

Milly Rockin’ to Career Talkin’: Tips for Successful Adulting Post-College

Your university experience is intended for higher learning – whereI am sure you are on an elevated plane of Life right? ‘Staying Woke’ is in fact, the current trend. But what are you doing to translate this knowledge, energy, & momentum to face the reality of what Life is other than earning your degree? Merging the principles of conviction & truth with responsibility & action can be a very difficult task to maneuver. How can you take the ideals you are building in college and deploy them in real life to pay your bills? This workshop is built to help you learn basic principles you can do now before graduation, to further set you up for a successful transition to ‘Adulting’

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