Samantha Ylagan Workshop Presenter

Samantha Ylagan

Samantha Ylagan graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Movement & Sports Sciences in 2015 and is currently finishing her Doctorate of Occupational Therapy at Huntington University. Her involvement in the Vietnamese community began in high school, which eventually brought her to join both Purdue’s VSA and UVSA-MW in 2011. Samantha’s pursuits in occupational therapy have inspired her to educate the community and promote health and wellness for increased quality of life.

Conquering Stress: Techniques for Stress Management and Relaxation

As students and professionals, we’re all well-acquainted with stress. Too much stress, however, can negatively impact both our mental and physical health. In this workshop, we will discuss our current stress management strategies and learn alternative, evidence-based techniques to decrease stress so we can tackle our stressors head-on.

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