Sean Vo Workshop Presenter

Sean Vo

Sean graduated from The Ohio State University in 2016 with a BS in Psychology. He has been involved with UVSA-Midwest since VIA-1 of 2014 and is excited to present another workshop at this year’s conference. He has held many positions within the organization including Ohio Council of State Representative, staff member, and VIA-1 Director. His passion is for promoting health, wellness, leadership, and social activism amongst minorities. He currently works at an orthopedic surgery clinic in Columbus, Ohio and will be starting physical therapy graduate school in the fall.

Out of the Minority Bubble and Into the Real World!

Do you find yourself currently immersed in a minority bubble only to realize now you act uncharacteristically when outside of your bubble? Are you worried about socializing with others once you graduate and are in the workforce? This interactive workshop will focus on real world interactions amongst people of all ages in environments outside of the minority bubble. Issues such as microaggressions and racial discrimination will be discussed as attendees learn how to deal with these situations in a sophisticated manner.

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