Thomas Nguyen Information Technology

Thomas Nguyen

Hi! I’m Thomas — this year’s IT Director. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati during the Spring of 2017 with a BS in Computer Science. I now reside in Columbus, OH where I’m serving as a software developer in the private aviation industry.

I got involved with VSA during my last two years at UC. During that time, I served a year-long term as UC VSA’s External Vice President and also joined the IT Committee for the 15th Annual VIA-1. I chose to pursue these roles because like many other people, VSA had made such a tremendous impact on my life and I wanted to give back. In an effort to contribute even further to the organization, I decided to take on the role of IT Director!

Hope to see you all at conference this year!

Committee Members:
An Trinh (University of Minnesota)
Don Nguyen (University of Cincinnati)
Stephanie Tam (University of Cincinnati)

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