Tyson Banh, Tyler Banh Workshop Presenter

Tyson Banh, Tyler Banh

Tyler and Tyson Banh are alumni from UW-Madison and have both served on VSA UW eboard, as well as UVSA-Midwest staff. Tyler is in his fourth year teaching high school mathematics. Every day, as a teacher and role model, Tyler uses his understanding of emotional intelligence to improve and progress interactions between his students, colleagues, and peers. Tyson’s passion stems from building interpersonal relationships, developing student leaders, and giving back to an organization that sparked his journey in leading others. As the Internal Vice President of UVSA-Midwest, Tyson uses his emotional intelligence to promote and empower others to become better leaders and actively engaged in their community.

Social Competence: Say it (and show it) like you mean it

Dive deeper into Emotional Intelligence with presenters Tyler and Tyson Banh. Explore and develop your social competence and find new ways to positively influence members of your community. You will be able to take away strategies for increasing your social awareness and improving your relationship management skills.

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