University of Wisconsin-Madison (Modern) Culture Show Performer

University of Wisconsin-Madison (Modern)

This year VSA UW is back with another dance performance, but this time to a cover of Và Tôi Hát by MONSTAR! We’re excited to FINESSE the stage and show you all what we’ve been working so hard on these past few months!

Performers: Karie Le, Kayla Ylagan, Tien Mai, Benji Nguyen, Anna Nguyen, Jackie Dinh, Khang Nguyen, Kenny Thong, Alisa Tran, Maica Ho, Winnie Moy, Andy Moy, Daniel King, Huong Vo, Travis Dao, Paula Duong, Linh Pham, Harold Tran, Christina Nguyen, Carol Ta, Alex Nguyen, Lan Vo, Angie Ngo, Cathy Tran, Christina Nguyen, Tan Bui

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