Val Chaves Workshop Presenter

Val Chaves

Hailing from the region of New England, Val Chaves is an industry professional holding an MBA from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. From a background that consists of being half Portuguese and Vietnamese, Val was never fully exposed to the Asian American community before he started college. With a goal to learn and become closer with his Asian roots, he quickly found himself involved with VSA as a general member during his freshman year. As his love and passion for VSA kept growing, he joined the executive board before the start of his sophomore year hoping to be able to improve his favorite campus organization. During his time with UMass Lowell VSA he served as President, Vice President, and Event Coordinator. For NEIVSA, he has served as the Marketing Director for VES-2, Executive Director for VES-3, Public Relations Chair, Regional Representative, and is now serving as the organization’s President. Among his crowd, he’s known mostly for his one-of-a-kind personality, unusual deep voice, and endless love for his favorite side dish of coleslaw. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family, reading for fun, and consistently dreaming of an even better VSA.

Get On Our Level! The Levels of Leadership

This workshop focuses on educating attendees on stereotypical leadership norms/misconceptions and how they can move forward as leaders! The primary focus of this workshop goes in-depth with the different levels of leadership, which is based on John C. Maxwell’s theory of the “Five Levels of Leadership.” These levels of leadership tackle numerous stereotypes and demonstrate how an individual can progress as a leader. The levels include Position, Permission, Production, People Development, and Pinnacle.

· A role defines somebody as a leader.

· Leadership is simply the act of getting people to follow you.

· Leaders must always behave in a certain way (professional, charismatic, etc).

These are all stereotypes and misconceptions about leadership that we have all been hearing for years. Due to this, people have maintained a specific mindset on what a leader should be and how they should act. Leadership is not always about holding a title or position, being in a position simply gives an individual the additional opportunity to make a difference. That’s not all of it either! Together, we’ll learn how to break through the norms and stereotypes of leadership and move forward in our leadership journeys.

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