Vy Do Workshop Presenter

Vy Do

My name is Vy Do (Vee Doe) and I am a clinician, under my Social Work License (LSW). I attended and graduated from Ohio State University, with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work, with a minor in Human Development and Family Science and my Master’s Degree in Social Work. I specialize in child welfare and mental health, but I currently work with older adults in a Nursing and Rehabilitation facility. I experience contrasting environments, which allows me to consistently and constantly develop my skills and knowledge professionally, inter-personally, and socially. I have experience working with mental health, welfare, trauma, intimate partner violence, alcohol and other drugs, and a multitude of social services involving children, adults, couples, and families. It is rewarding to me to be able to work with the community, develop human relations, and experience diverse populations.

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[Warning: There could be stories, discussions, and topics mentioned that may be traumatizing and/or trigger strong thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Please be advised and if at any time you feel uncomfortable, please do not hesitate to step out.]

The dating world can be overwhelming, especially for someone starting out with no experience. There are no instructions or guides for relationships and it can be extra stressful for someone who must consider their mental health. Mental Health is a tough and touchy subject and often, we may feel lost when it comes to maneuvering towards healthy and positive relationships. Conversations about mental disorders can feel shameful and stigmatized, but these conversations are important to building connections, feeling supported, and understanding one another. This workshop will examine the world of dating, relationships, and having a partner, through the eyes of mental health, to provide more insight and clarity. This workshop hopes to help you recognize differences between healthy and unhealthy behaviors within intimate relationships.

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