Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is VIA-1?
    • Vietnamese Interacting as One Conference brings together hundreds of youth professionals from the region as well as other areas. During the conference, attendees have the opportunity to develop and strengthen leadership skills through workshops and activities. Individuals are encouraged to inspire others in order to achieve great accomplishments through the knowledge and skills obtained at conference. This will be the first year that VIA-1 has been hosted at Indiana University!
  • What are Families?
    • Families are groups of attendees comprised of a family leader and members.  This are created in order to make sure that members get a more holistic and intimate experience. Everyone attending the conference is in a family so be sure to be interactive with them!
  • What should I bring to wear for this conference?
    • VSA apparel/school spirit wear (casual Friday), business casual + semi-formal/formal/cultural + late night activity wear (stylish, casual) + tam su comfortable attire (Saturday), conference shirts/casual wear (closing Sunday).


  • How do I need to get where I need to be?
    • When eating out, all of the restaurants wil lbe within walking distance. Some people may take the option of using cars. For event activities, a shuttle will be provided from home2 to the venue. Documentation for restaurants will be released for the conference.
  • Where can I find the shuttle?
    • The shuttle will be in front of the hotel during the time that is that it is offered. 
  • What times are shuttles offered?
    • Shuttle times will be provided during check-in. Please note that shuttles may get full towards the end of the time offered so plan accordingly

Hotel Information

  • When are check-in and check-out times?

    • Check-In is Friday, March 22, 2019 from 3:00pm-6:00pm
    • Check-Out is Sunday, March 24, 2019 from 8:00am- 9:00am
  • Hotel Cost
    • Hotels will be $55 per person for the entire weekend.
  • Do you have to stay at the hotel?
    • It is suggested and generally more convenient, but you are welcome to opt out if you would like.
  • How do I check in to the hotel?
    • Check-in will be at Home2 on 1410 N Walnut St, Bloomington, IN 47404. Please come in from the front and make your way towards Registration Committee’s table to checking for the conference.
  • I found another place to stay, can I get a refund for the hotel?
    • No, refunds are not available after hotel rooms have been assigned.

*Any additional questions and answers can be found with the upcoming documents that will be provided to attendees*