VSA at Indiana University

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) was one of the first Southeastern Asian organizations to set foot upon Indiana University’s campus and was involved in the founding of the Asian Cultural Center in 1998. Since then Indiana University’s chapter of VSA saw success in the early 2000s by spreading Vietnamese culture and history to a very diverse member base spanning students of Vietnamese descent and non-Vietnamese descent. These members ensured that the Vietnamese Student Association had a long-lasting impact on the city by community-service work as well as public events showcasing key elements in Vietnamese culture such as fashion, cuisine and media. After a period of inactivity, VSA at IU began its momentum in creating a presence on Indiana University’s campus and well as within the UVSA Midwest. Beginning with the year 2016, the executive board of seven strong worked with due diligence to build a foundation of a community that not only shares Vietnamese culture to Vietnamese students, but non-Vietnamese as well. The resurgence ignited a spark of passion in the eyes of many members and the following year, VSA at IU held the largest attendance from any one school at Leadership Summit. This also marked the new chapter of the involvement within the UVSA Midwest community. This dedication continued on to VSA at IU winning the bid for the 17th Annual Vietnamese Interacting as One (VIA-1) Conference, a first in VSA at IU and the UVSA Midwest’s history.