The 17th Annual VIA-1 Conference Presenters

From "B-boy" to "B-man": A workshop of hip-hop culture for anyone and everyone
Gabriel Puente-Lay | First Session
Media Representation and the Asian American Experience
Charles Truong | First Session
Lịch Sử Việt Nam Trước Năm 1945 (Vietnam History Before 1945)
Phát Nguyễn | First Session
The Intersections of Identity & Privilege
Stacey Huynh | First Session
Owning Your Leadership Style to Become a Better Leader
Stacey Huynh | Second Session
5 Things I Wish I Knew: Navigating Professional Spaces as an Asian American
Ngoc Le | Second Session
Building a Body at Home for Homebodies
Martina-Krystelle H. Pineda | Second Session
Finding Courage in Vulnerability
Tyler Banh | Second Session
Through The Lens: Photography & Self-Image
Christopher Huynh | Both Sessions
Bridging Our Việt and Southeast Asian Immigration History With Advocacy
Pele Văn Lê | Both Sessions
Becoming Public Enemy Number 1
Vivian Ngo | Both Sessions
To All The Times I've Been Misrepresented: Asian Americans in Film
Tiffany Nguyen | Both Sessions
Health Disparities Among Southeast Asian American Populations
Mindy Hoang | Both Sessions
Trash Talk
Lillian Trinh | Both Sessions
Surviving the Adult world: Middle Management
Nathan Giang | Both Sessions
Three Stripes, One People - Vietnamese American Political Identity
Philip Nguyen and Cindy Nguyen | Both Sessions

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